Ever wondered why FAQ pages are so prevalent? The answer does not flatter most websites. FAQ pages almost always exist because a site is difficult to navigate, and answers to relatively simple questions elude customers.

While part of the solution to the FAQ problem certainly lies in refining navigation, layout, and site clarity, there’s an additional way to vastly improve customer service and enable people to answer their own questions quickly and easily.

Intelligent voice assistants offer a way for customers to quickly drill down to the answers they seek. Instead of clicking multiple times or getting lost in the help section of the site, users can click to talk and get immediate answers to most questions.

Why intelligent voice assistants?

  • Informational voice assistants require no integration, so they’re not a drain on brands’ tech teams, and implementation is fast.
  • Retailers can retain control of their brand with on-site conversational assistants rather than giving potentially critical data to a large competitor with the hopes of building a ‘skill’ or similar.
  • Reduce customer calls by making information and answers easier to find. Customers don’t want to call you – they just want resolution to their problem! If you provide them an effective tool for answering their questions you will reduce care center calls.
  • Providing an innovative tool for your customers will help them on a practical level while also increasing digital engagement. You can learn what your customers want and how they’re asking it and engage based on that information.

Intelligent conversational assistants offer brands the opportunity to give their customers a better way to interact with the brand, answer their questions, and improve their overall experience.

VUI, Inc.